The Indestructibone!

Indestructibone Original (for dogs 16 to 29 pounds)


Frustrated by their dogs' fast demolition of dog chew bones, a couple from northern California has created the ultimate chew toy for tough chewing dogs: the Indestructibone!

Cherie and Curtis Falwell learned quickly from their 140-pound Labrador, Ollie, that traditional dog bones may be 'tough' for some dogs, but not for all. Aggressive chewers needed something more than tough rubber or plastic, and something safer than natural bone chews that may splinter and cause injury to aggressive chewers.

So the Falwells created their own Indestructibones made of a "non-toxic polymer that is BPA, phthalate-free and FDA compliant." Though the material may come off from aggressive chewing, it sheds in tiny pieces the size of rice grains, and it is not harmful if swallowed. This is a big advantage over natural dried animal parts which can easily splinter.


Indestructibones (30 - 50 pounds)

Indestructibones (30 - 50 pounds)


The Indestructibones are long and curvy, so there's nothing your dog can easily grip them while chewing, and they are great companions for high strung dogs. They also massage your dog's gums and keep him focused so he doesn't chew your clothing, shoes, or furniture.

I can't get enough of the Indestructibone dog photos! Here's a little guy with an Indestructibone Mini who truly looks like he's in doggie heaven!


Indestructibone Mini

Indestructibone Mini


The Falwell's company, aptly named Bulletproof™ Pet Products, has a great start with Indestructibones; dogs and dog parents love them!  Made in five sizes (check them out here), they are guaranteed from destruction for 90 days.

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