The cold and dark days of winter give you extra time for indoor DIY
projects. So this may just be the time to do something special for your
favorite rodent and crochet it a Hamster Hut.

Hamster Hut (Image via StitchLove)Hamster Hut (Image via StitchLove)

This cute little hovel is a simple project for those who crochet and of course you can make it any color you want. It would even be a great way to use up all the old leftover bits of yarn that you've been hanging on to for way too long.

Hamster Hut (Image via StitchLove)Hamster Hut (Image via StitchLove)

The Hamster Hut is a great place for your hamster to curl up. It was created by Michelle Taylor for her little gerbils who loved it to "death." They eventually shredded the whole thing. The instructions are free and available for download here.

Her inspiration for the Hamster Hut came from the book Pet Projects: The Animal Knits Bible.

Source: StitchLove 

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