If this injured terrier were wearing a cone on his head, would he still be able to pull of this "attitude?" Recovery suits protect your dogs' wounds, but let them keep their dignity!


Suitical Recovery Suit for Dogs - Black

Suitical Recovery Suit for Dogs - Black


Pet cones, also known as E-collars - "E" for Elizabethan - not only restrict visibility, but amplify sounds that may alarm your dog, so dogs feel vulnerable in them. The collars can even cause more harm than good if your pet under-or-over-estimates his surroundings and trips or falls.

Suitical International is a major manufacturer of recuperative clothing for dogs and cats - clothing that protects your pets' wounds from scratching, biting and other surface irritations. It also keeps medication and bandages in place.

The Recovery Suits for dogs are available in black, as seen above, and in pink and blue camoflage.


Suitical Recovery Suit in Pink Camoflage

Suitical Recovery Suit in Pink Camoflage


Suitical Recovery Suit for Dogs - Blue Camo

Suitical Recovery Suit for Dogs - Blue Camo


Made of 94 percent organic cotton and 6 percent Invista, a high-quality Lycra, the material is a bit stretchy meant to fit snuggly, but not tight, over your pet's body. The suit, being cotton, allows for great circulation.

The Recovery Suits are machine washable (I recommend a gentle cycle), but they should be air-dried. Suitical recommends that you have two suits, so your dog will not be without protection while one suit is in the laundry.

Suitical does not make separate suit designs for male and female dogs, nor do the suits have "pee-pee" openings, because if there were openings in those areas, then your dog would have access to the injured spots in those areas.  Instead, the suit has a snap closure on the underbelly, which when unsnapped can be pulled back or tucked underneath the top portion of the suit. Therefore, you can unsnap the bottom of the suit when you take your dog out to pee and poop.

Suitical Recovery Suit design

Suitical Recovery Suit for Dogs - Underside on left, top on right


Here is a pretty specific sizing chart for the dog Suitical Recovery Suits. Remember, it's best that the suits be snug, as opposed to loose.


Suitical Recovery Suit Sizing Chart For Dogs


Here you will find a more elaborate sizing chart that provides examples of various dog breeds next to each size.

If your dog has wounds on her front legs, Suitical makes a Recovery Sleeve just for that, which you can see here in different sizes.


Now, if you have a cat, you know darn well he's not going to put up with a cone on his head after surgery or other wounds are tended. So Suitical makes a Recovery Suit for cats, also quite useful for a cat that has hot spots or allergies.


Suitical Recovery Suit For Cats

Suitical Recovery Suit For Cats


The cat Recovery Suits are made differently than those for dogs. They do, for example, have openings for cats to urinate and defecate, and they are shaped a bit differently. Therefore, the dog and cat suits are not interchangeable.

Cat Recovery Suits are available here for sizes XXXS, XXS, and XS; a sizing chart is also available.  If you need a size small, you can purchase it at this link.


For those pet parents who have any doubts about the Suitical Recovery Suits, you should read their reviews at each of the links. They are really outstanding!


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