mickey mouse toys for pets

So, you're a diehard Disney fan who can't get enough of all things Mickey, Goofy or any of the other endearing characters the Mouse House has created or even swallowed up over the years. Now your passion and excitement for that wonderful world can extend to your pets as well with super fun accessories, toys and apparel.

In case you didn't know, a few years ago PetSmart introduced a new line consisting of Disney pet products that allows your pets to rock your favorite characters, drool on Donald Duck or even maul Mickey tucked inside a pair of mouse ears 'til the stuffing comes out.


Disney products for pets

Disney Wear for Pets

Yup, no more altering old Disney Ts and other Mouse House castoffs or buying kid-sized Disney hoodies and fashioning them into items for your pets to wear. There's actually an entire line with pets in mind featuring many of your favorite characters. Their apparel line consists of dresses for your own little Tinkerbell or shirts and bandanas depicting other beloved cartoon icons under their licensing agreement.


kermit the frog disney shirt for dogs

Fond Childhood Memories

Besides the characters we've always associated with Disneyland, the Magic Kingdom has also acquired the rights to Winnie the Pooh characters and even the Muppets. The new-ish pet line takes advantage of that with Tigger toys and Kermit the Frog Ts for pups as well. The pet chain is carrying over 30 products that includes Minnie and other cast members to suit your dog's taste.


Disney pet toys

Disney Toys for Pets

Their toy line consists of bright and colorful plushies, rope sticks and bottle crunchers that make that crinkle-crackle noise that a lot of pets love. While it may irritate us within a matter of seconds, it really seems to entice them to play. Regardless, they're all cute and come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes.


Minnie Mouse pet bed
Comes with or without bow

Disney Pet Beds

The magic doesn't end with togs and toys for pets. There are food and water bowl sets, collars and a number of bedding items depicting those famous mouse ears we all know so well. From blankets, to beds to cubbyhole snuggle spots for curling up in, they've pretty much covered every angle.

If you're a fan of any of these iconic characters and you buy Christmas presents for your pets, you can probably cross them off your "what to get" list this year, because I think we both know what it will be.