These days a lot of us would like to have more spices on the table than
just the standard salt and pepper that we and our forefathers have known
for many years. So a set of these Animal Parade Spice Shakers can let
you add more flavor to dinner -- from red pepper flakes to dried basil.

Animal Parade Spice ShakersAnimal Parade Spice Shakers

These shakers are very reminiscent of snow globes. Each one has a different animal inside -- a rabbit, a deer, a camel, and a polar bear -- a plastic dome. The spices are added to the domes and as they are used they reveal the animals. The spices are not included so that you can choose what you want on your dining table.

Deer Spice ShakerDeer Spice Shaker

There are two different sized holes so that you can select between the smaller hole for salt and pepper or ground spices, or the larger hole for flakes and dried herbs. The spices are added to the domes through the bottom.

Camel Spice ShakerCamel Spice Shaker

The shakers come with a tray to keep them lined up in place for an elegant appearance. That quality is balanced out by the whimsical design. They are great for everyday use or larger gatherings. While they are made of plastic, those globes are still delicate. Hand wash only.

To order the Animal Parade Spice Shakers for yourself or as a gift, click here.

Polar Bear Spice ShakerPolar Bear Spice Shaker

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