PETKIT Fresh Metal Digital Feeding Pet Bowl

PETKIT Fresh Metal Digital Feeding Pet Bowl


What your pet eats is important, but how much or how little your pet eats is also important.

Whether your pet needs to gain weight, lose it, or maintain it, there are health-related needs to keep track of how much he eats. That's where digital food bowls come in handy. 

Yes, you can weigh food on a separate scale before placing it in your pet's regular feeding bowl, but will you remember to weigh the food that's left in his bowl when he's done eating so you know how much he actually ate?

Digital bowls makes keeping track a breeze because you can easily keep track of exactly how much your pet eats. These are particularly appropriate for cats and small dogs, as most are not positioned high enough for larger dogs.


Are these "smart bowls?" Not these, but that doesn't stop their manufacturers from slipping the word "smart" into their descriptions.

Some manufacturers call their digital scales "smart scales," but they are typically battery-operated or charged electrically and do not connect to other devices or networks. If you want a bowl with a digital scale in it, these are for you. The word "Smart" in a digital product description has led to negative reviews by customers... because the products do not meet today's meaning of smart.


1. PETKIT Fresh Digital Feeding Pet Bowl


PETKIT Fresh Digital Feeding Pet Bowl

PETKIT Fresh Digital Feeding Pet Bowl


PETKIT makes two versions of the digital feeding pet bowl. The metal one, shown at top, is a two piece bowl, the frame consisting of the scale and the inner stainless steel bowl that holds the food.

The version just above, the PETKIT Fresh Digital Feeding Pet Bowl, serves as both scale and bowl. It is also made of a bacteria-free material, to be washed with dish soap and water and towel dried. 

PETKIT makes a variety of digital bowls you can find here. Again, they are not "smart!"


2. Pidan Digital Scale Pet Bowl

Pidan Digital Scale Pet Bowl

Pidan Digital Scale Pet Bowl


The Pidan Digital Scale Pet Bowl measures your pet's food in grams. I comes in two parts; the base is the scale element, and the bowl. The bowl snaps securely into the base or you can detach it if you prefer. The base is the scale portion, operable with 3 AAA batteries. It cannot be submerged in water, and the bowl is not dishwasher or microwave safe.

The Pidan is a nice wide bowl, a great shape for dogs and cats with flat-shaped faces.


3. Petmii Digital Feeding Pet Bowl


Petmii Digital Feeding Pet Bowl

Petmii Digital Feeding Pet Bowl

The Petmii is a one-piece combination digital scale and food bowl, simple to serve, weigh, and keep clean. It also has a skid-free silicone rim around the bottom to keep it from moving around while your pet eats. 


Petmii Digital Feeding Pet Bowl

Petmii Digital Feeding Pet Bowl


Notice the slope around the edges of the Petmii; it keeps food from spilling out over the edge. The Pitmii's details make it easy for your pet to eat, easy for you to clean (wash by hand, no-microwave), and easy to keep track of your pet's diet.


These bowls are not smart (yet), but they are useful!


That's the buzz for today!

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