A twist on the simple piggy bank, the Digi-Piggy by Cisco keeps track of every penny a child saves for a rainy day, all in a cute and clever package.

Digi-Piggy Bank From Cisco Makes Saving Simpler Than Ever

Traditional piggy banks came with two problems: first, getting money out could be an issue once you'd decided the time had come to get at your funds and second, knowing exactly how much you'd put away was always a challenge. Sure, you could write it down and keep track of every penny, nickel and dime that went into your Piggy's back but most kids (and adults) just couldn't be bothered.

Now, Cisco has created the Digi-Piggy, a simple solution to the money counting quandary. Made of durable plastic with a twist-off top portion, money is easy to access whenever the bank gets full. Aside from looking to see just how many coins have piled up on the inside of Piggy, the Digi-Piggy also uses an LED display on its snout to keep a running total of just how much has been deposited.

Digi-Piggy Bank From Cisco Makes Saving Simpler Than Ever

When coins go into the bank the snout will flash 3 times with the amount that has been deposited and then go back to showing the total in the bank. Up to 3 dollar digits can be displayed along with cents and the Digi-Piggy is easily reset by pressing a button located under the top half of the pig. In addition, the bank supports both US and Canadian coins, making it a savings benefit on both sides of the border.

Available in pink or white, the Digi-Piggy is available for purchase at Cisco's online product page - please visit for more info. Digi-Piggy: it's savings, snouts and simple math - all in one!


*** UPDATED on December 25th, 2018 ***