A photo snapped at a Walmart store in Mexico appears to show a miniature arena floored with sawdust, two men holding roosters, and a presumed referee. Let's get ready to rollback!

Did A Mexican Walmart Just Hold An In-Store Cockfight?

So you're into dogfights? Join the Air Force. Maybe catfights are your thing? Hang out with Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. For cockfights, however, you'll need to Scale That Wall and go south of the border.

The image above is jaw-dropping, even for the always eyebrow-raising and often amusing People of Walmart website. As is their mien, PofW provides a minimum of context information other than the location, in this case “Mexico”, where the retail chain has over 2,200 stores.

Did A Mexican Walmart Just Hold An In-Store Cockfight?

It sure looks like a Walmart, by the way – the overhead sign reading “todos lod dias rebajas en toda la tienda” translates to “every day sales throughout the store.” It would seem sales aren't the only thing going down... for the count.

The wee rooster thunderdome itself is a piece of work. It was obviously constructed with care; note the soda bottles arrayed in size-staggered fashion around the outside. This ain't no after hours, invitation only, “what's-the-password”, dimly-lit warehouse event either as about a dozen store customers can be seen gathered 'round the arena while business carries on behind them. Word up, Walmart: we get that you need to compete with Amazon for customers but we draw the line at cluckbait.