The economy has created a surge in the number of people engaged in
urban farming. This has led to an increase in the number of people keeping
chickens to lay eggs. Many of these chickens have made their way into
the hearts of their owners -- and from there into the house. This has, in turn, led to the creation that would have shocked our farming forebears -- the
chicken diaper.

Chicken in a DiaperChicken in a Diaper

It is one of those items that you never thought you would ever hear of, but for people who love their chickens it is a godsend. That's not all! You can also buy a chicken saddle. Wait! What? Yes indeed. While the diapers are to protect your home from the chickens, the saddle is to protect the hen from the roosters. 

Chicen DiapersChicen Diapers

Apparently roosters are rather aggressive at mating and will pull out the chicken's feathers. This can leave the poor bird bare and bleeding. The saddle serves as a form of protection for the chicken.

Chickens in DiapersChickens in Diapers

The chicken diaper is also handy for that all-important car ride to the vet. They come in a variety of colors so you pet poultry can really be stylin'! You can order them from a website like Pampered Poultry or just go to

 How to Measure Your Chicken for DiapersHow to Measure Your Chicken for Diapers

So why does a chicken cross the threshold? To get to the other side. In many cases a chicken is injured and is brought indoors for treatment and convalescence. Once they get a taste of the good life, it is apparently hard to get them to be outdoor animals again. Then there are those people who simply become fond of the birds.

Whatever the reason that a chicken becomes an indoor animal, the chicken diaper has become as much of a necessity for these homes as a litter box is for homes with cats.

Check out how to put a diaper on a chicken:

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