This cat's enjoying the natural fragrance of the wool's lanolin oil. She's also enjoying the cozy, warm environment created by this lovely handmade Dew Drop Cat Cave.


Dew Drop Cat Cave

Dew Drop Cat Cave


It makes sense that the creator of the Dew Drop Cat Cave, Kinza Lhamo, comes from the country which established the concept of Gross National Happiness, Bhutan, a country in South Asia in the grand Eastern Himalayas.



Bhutan, where Gross National Happiness is a major government goal


If Gross National Happiness was measured by this cat's contentment, the goal would certainly be met. The Dew Drop Cat Cave's handcrafted wool felt is cozy and warm, a place where any cat would love to hide. And its design and colors are so modern and elegant.

Though in Canada now, Ms Lhamo is helping bring her concepts to life through the handiwork of artisans in the villages of Nepal. It is through her and her husband's efforts that she hopes to bring these artisans out of poverty.


Dew Drop Cat Cave

Dew Drop Cat Cave


The Cave measures approximately 17" by 20", which should fit all but very large cats like my own 15-pounder. Because each Cave is handmade, you should allow for minor differences both in pattern and size.

To care for the Dew Drop Cat Cave, you should vacuum cat hair out of the cave with a hand vac and remove any spots with a soft cloth or gentle sponge and a gentle cleaner, if necessary. The entire cave can be hand washed if necessary.

The reviews of the Dew Drop Cat Cave are excellent on Uncommongoods.


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