Meyou Paris designs for cats


Oh, if my cat could afford Parisian design, don't you think he would buy it? But what's the harm of looking? He'll have something to save up for.

Aude Sanchez and Vito Saccaro, the founders, designers, and merchandisers of these to-die-for Meyou Paris products, Kickstarted a few designs in 2015. Now, Meyou (pronounced meeyu; meaning me you), is well up and running with five really impressive products.

Just take a glimpse at these beauties.... And don't worry; the company ships worldwide.


The Cube

The Cube is available in metal, as shown below, or in beech wood.  If you position the bed with its entrance facing the floor, your cat can climb all over the outside of the bed and have even more fun!

The Cocoons (inside The Cube and The Ball ) are made of polyester fiber and can be cleaned gently with water on a rag. They come in many colors and can be purchased separately from The Cube and The Ball. The interior cushions may also be purchased separately.


The Cube by Meyou Paris

The Cube cat bed by Meyou Paris


Watch this video of a family of cats who just won't let their mom take a break in her cube....




The Ball

Serving as a bed, a scratcher, a toy, and a hideout, The Ball comes in 7 colors with contrasting cushions that are washable. The Ball frame is made of beech wood and metal.


The Ball, cat bed by Meyou

The Ball, cat bed by Meyou Paris


The Bed


On a beech wood stand, just about 12 inches high, lies a lovely wool felt bed and a soft cushion in a contrasting color.  I like the The Grey Bed, but the bed comes in indigo and beige, as well.


The Bed by Meyou Paris

The Bed by Meyou Paris


Don't worry, The Bed won't slip off its stand....


The Grey Bed by Meyou

The Bed, by Meyou Paris, is securely attached to its stand. 



The Nest

Oh, would that I be a dog or cat, living in such luxury... and style! The Graphic Red Nest, shown below, is 17'' 3/4 and 3'' 3/4 high. You can easily fold it up to 'faire un voyage,' or position it on your dog or cat's favorite sun spot.  The Nest is made of cotton rope and has a polyester mattress. The Nest also comes in Graphic Blue. Wild!


The Nest in graphic red by Meyou

The Graphic Red Nest by Meyou Paris


The Toys

No cat should be without these soft bouncy balls, polyester fiber-covered plastic, 1.5 inches in diameter.


The Toys by Meyou Paris

The Toys by Meyou Paris


Meyou Paris creations are indeed spectacular.  If, like me, you can look but not touch, below are some articles that will let you browse other really neat pet beds and toys that you can buy stateside.


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