The Zuny family of fine leather home accessories is a menagerie of adorable designer critters, so if you’ve got a favorite animal, chances are that there’s a Zuny for you!


A Zuny is one of dozens of imaginatively created animal doorstops, paperweights, bookends and other pieces of home décor. I like the Zuny line of characters are visually distinct from each other, available in multiple color schemes, built to last and available in a huge variety of beastly shapes.


Take Saru the Zuny Stegosaurus for example, this bulky reptilian bookend is made of synthetic leather, (No real animals were ever harmed in the making of any Zuny!), polyester fiber and iron pellets for the dinosaur’s book-holding brute strength. Saru, like the vast majority of Zuny creatures, is available in multiple color palettes. In his case, stegosaurus fans can choose between “Orange + Wheat” or “Olive + Wheat.” Who wouldn’t trust a stegosaurus to safeguard their collection of books or to provide professional door holding duties?


The Zuny kingdom has a wide range of stylish animal buddies to decorate your home with, including penguins, sheep, tigers, lions, giraffes, beavers and much more, so take your time browsing the entire Zuny wildlife park before you settle on your top choice. As for myself, Milo the gorilla, Mumu the whale, Babu the boar and of course, “neon orange” Saru are some of the Zuny characters that caught my eye.



What are your preferred pieces of Zuny décor? Share your designer tips in the comments below!

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