An innovative new dog waste disposal bin by Hungarian designer Ben Koros makes dumping dog poop fun for dog owners while frustrating others whose non-pet, inorganic trash belongs elsewhere.

Koros entered a contest announced by a Hungarian municipality for an outdoor dog waste disposal can.

The bin – bins, actually, since the locality was looking to place many such items in public places where people walk their dogs – would have to be unlike ordinary trashcans because the desired contents (dog waste and biodegradable bags) are unlike ordinary trash.

Designer Dog Waste Disposal Bin Throws Indiscriminate Dumpers A Curve

That factor is too often lost on an uncaring public for whom a trashcan is a trashcan. Explains Koros, “The biggest problem with dog waste disposal cans is, that they fill up on domestic rubbish way before time – thus even responsible dog owners can't dispose their pet's waste.”

With this in mind, Koros felt challenged to design a bin that excluded common articles of trash such as glass or plastic bottles, fast-food packaging and just plain junk.

Designer Dog Waste Disposal Bin Throws Indiscriminate Dumpers A Curve

The result is Curve, a clever and fun design that won the municipality's dog waste disposal can contest going away. In a nutshell, users bag their pet's poop, give the bag a twist, and thread the bag's neck through an inwardly spiraling trackway on top of the bin.

Once the end of the spiral is reached, simply let go of the bag! The concept is so straightforward and obvious no instructions are needed, making Curve ideal for use in almost any country without custom signage. Last but not least, Curve incorporates a dispenser for biologically degradable plastic dog waste bags: take one empty; bring it back full. (via Yanko Design)