DERMagic Peppermint & Tea Tree Oil Certified Organic Shampoo Bar isa
treatment shampoo, recommended for weekly baths (whether they need it or not).  
After bath, use the DERMagic Skin Rescue Lotion for fast relief from itching and
skin irritations, regardless of the origin.  This is recommended for twice daily
use and your pet should be covered with a t-shirt during treatments so that he
won't lick it off.  The product is not harmful, it just does its job better on
the itchy skin than in the dog's digestive system.

Finally, any hot spots on your pet's body should be covered with the DERMagic
Hot Spot Salve
to further help remove the itch.  Hot spots are usually caused by
the pet biting or scratching the original itch until it becomes sore.  Again,
you will want to prevent your cat or dog from biting the wound, so a
t-shirt would help prevent that, or you might want to consider an E-collar.

You can order the DERMagic Essentials skin care package on the DERMagic
website and learn much more about skin problems in cats and dogs while you are
there. You can also find the complete line of products on Amazon. There are only a few reviews of the products on Amazon, but the few are very positive.

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