DIY Dog toys
Millie & her dad


Dogs can get depressed just like people when they’re missing someone they love. That was the case with Millie, a terrier mix that was rescued from a shelter approximately four years ago. It seems Millie has become so attached to her new papa that when he had to go on a work-related trip out of town recently she began to exhibit signs of depression, which included loss of appetite and interest in her surroundings.


dogs and depression
Millie in a funk

Separation Anxiety

Since Millie’s rescue, her dad has been her entire world. Sadly, like many dogs that have experienced being surrendered and the feeling of abandonment that comes with it, she suffers from separation anxiety. With her dad gone for weeks, not days, she must have thought she was being abandoned all over again. Millie’s owner left her in the care of his daughter, Carolann, who noticed the transformation from happy go lucky pup to listless canine.


Clever diy dog toys
Clever DIY dog toys for depressed pups

Rescue Dogs

“Millie was becoming withdrawn and had stopped eating,” Carolann noted. Trying to ease Millie’s sadness, she tried putting her dad on speakerphone whenever he called so that Millie could at least hear his voice, but it only seemed to be making things worse. The sight of the lonely dog slinking off after these calls obviously tugged at the heartstrings of everyone around her. That’s when Carolann had a stroke of genius and proved that she's got a great sense of humor.


toys for doggy depression
A much happier Millie

DIY Dog Toys

“I thought it would be a funny alternative to print his face off, laminate it and attach it to something,” Carolann said. “My sister’s old room is full of toys, so I figured those would be the best option.” Amazingly, the DIY dog toys resembling her and Millie’s dad seemed to do the trick, because Millie took an immediate interest in them and responded by perking up instantly. “Millie absolutely loves them. After sniffing them and playing around a bit she took them to her basket and rested her head on one of them. She definitely looked a lot happier than she has been.”


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