A calf from Kerrville, Texas entered the world sporting KISS-like black & white facial markings that impressed not just her owners but Gene “The Demon” Simmons himself.  

'Demon' Calf Is Spittin' Image Of KISS's Gene Simmons

The 75-pound female calf was discovered in a pasture by Heather Taccetta, whose family lives at the ranch located roughly 60 miles northwest of San Antonio. Taccetta said the calf belongs to her grandmother and has been named “Genie” in honor of Simmons, co-founder of legendary rock band KISS.

Surprisingly to some, Simmons himself is cool with the calf, her look and her name, tweeting “This is real, folks!!! Calf called Genie is born on Texas ranch and looks EXACTLY like KISS rocker Gene Simmons.” In related news, KISS rocker Gene Simmons refers to himself in the third person when tweeting.

'Demon' Calf Is Spittin' Image Of KISS's Gene Simmons

In any case, Genie's demonic demeanor may have saved her from the usual fate of cattle. According to Taccetta, Genie has become a family favorite who won't be sold for slaughter. Instead, the winner of an unlikely Gene-tic lottery can look forward to an exciting future acting as a mascot for a Kerrville steakhouse. Hey, it's better to be on the sign than on the plate, amiright? (via The SUN)