Oxford, Ohio, was the site of this tale about a deer that saved the life of a young woman by jumping out of the bush and towards the man who was attacking her.  Read  on for more  about this amazing animal rescue.

According  to The Cincinnati Enquirer, a woman had just left  a party when she was attacked from behind by a man who was choking her with her own purse straps and punching her viciously in the forehead. A deer suddenly ran out from a nearby bush and charged the attacker who fled the scene  without absconding with any of her property.  In the words of Police Sgt. John Varley: "The deer jumped out  and ran and so did he." He added that  he had never in 17 years on the force ever heard of a story quite like this one. (See: Kilo The Pit Bull.)

Although no one can say exactly why the deer exhibited this behavior, there's no question that the animal's attack saved the young woman from a robbery or worse. Varley offered a potential scenario. He believed that the deer might have been sleeping in the bush when the commotion startled it awake, causing it to jump out of the bush and save the woman, who suffered red marks on her face and some bruising, but was otherwise fine. She didn't lose any of her belongings either, as the cowardly assailant, no match for the angry deer, ran for his  life .(See: Lefty the Pit Bull Takes Bullet For Owner.)

The Deer Is An Unusual Animal Hero

By nature, the deer is a timid animal with a powerful instinct  to take flight when it senses danger. With no defense except for its keen mind and agility, the beautiful and fragile deer is a preyed upon species that lives a life of constant vigil. Often high-strung and skittish, they do not seem likely creatures to rescue people, as this tale indicates. But truth can be very strange, and all things are possible in Mother Nature's enigmatic realm. It may be that the deer when awakened by the sounds of the attack, responded to the woman's cries for help that may have struck a chord in some deep and ancient animal instinct. (See: Binky The Hero Cat.)


Human and Animal Harmony

                          Photo Source: All Creatures.org


We will never know. but we salute you, anonymous deer, for your contribution to humanity. May you be treated with kindness and hopefully live where there are no hunters!

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