Lin-Manuel Miranda tweet

Juxtaposed to some passionate tweets this past weekend by actor/playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda, dogs in DC are being directed to "go straight to heaven," versus that ‘other place.’ Yes, while the creator of the award-winning musical Hamilton is damning our president to “hell,” the District of Columbia’s other dogs are being blessed.

Lin-Manuel Miranda tweet

Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America

It’s an annual event that takes place at the friary located at 1400 Quincy Street, NE. It happens each year in advance of the celebration of Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of the animals which occurs the following week on October 4.

On Saturday, September 30, 2017, dogs, along with other species crowded around Friar Greg Friedman at the monastery to receive a sprinkling of holy water. And thanks be to god . . . the heavens held back the rain just long enough for that blessing to happen.

Friedman and his fellow friars gave a brief ecumenical service, did a general blessing of all pets in the crowd and then did the individual blessings afterwards. There were all kinds of pets – even a parakeet and a turtle. The largest pet was an oversized St. Bernard.

Saintly Dogs, a plenty

Mike Sulima and his wife said they have been going to the event for 25 years. At the service, they were having their two rescue springer spaniels — Chase, 14 years old, and Izzy, five-years old — blessed.

And Charlotte Markoe from Arlington was counting her blessings, especially after Friedman annointed her 5-month-old Shetland puppy named Trixie. She was emotional after the blessing only saying, “So happy, thrilled.”

All pets were given a blessing certificate and a dog tag that read: “Francis of Assisi Protect My Pet”. One particular attendee who brought two dogs didn’t know what to expect since she described herself as a ‘non-religious person.’ But she was touched because of the personal attention given to each animal, and how welcoming the friars were to all.

Needed Blessings

According to all reports however, there wasn’t any public sightings of the leader of the free world. Giving him some slack as to why he chose golf over this heavenly event, perhaps he wasn’t in attendance because he isn’t a dog owner.

However, you’d think he might have shown up  — if for no other reason — than to receive some of that free holy water. After all . . . free blessings don't happen every day . . . and in el presidente's case, they might have helped counter all those damning curses leveled at him by the Secretary of State, Mr. Alexander Hamilton. Word has it, Trump thinks he's still alive since he shows up regularly on Broadway. Your thoughts, my saintly readers?

Lin-Manuel Miranda tweet

Primary Source: Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America