Meet a very loyal German Shepherd pup named Dasher and a little boy named Dante who wandered away from home and only had each other to keep themselves warm and safe from a dangerous storm that impeded their rescue.

Dasher Aids Child Lost In A Dangerous Storm

This seven-month-old puppy has earned the title of hero after spending more than 14 hours in a forest during a storm protecting a two-year-old child. Dante Berry slipped away from home and only Dasher, the family pet, seemed to take notice. He followed the baby close behind and the two got lost in the forest, which was 1.8 miles from their home. When the child's parents noticed that he was missing, they quickly called the police and launched a search. When a terrible storm erupted, they were forced to abandon the search until the next morning.  (See: Hero Cat Takes Bullet Meant For Toddler.)

The child had been known to wander off before, but had never ventured quite so far. Over a hundred police as well as neighbors, firefighters and concerned strangers helped Dante's parents find them. Some fifteen hours after the child was reported missing, the boy and his faithful pal, Dasher, were found in the forest. The seems little doubt that brave Dasher kept the child warm and protected him from would-be predators. Dante's grateful mother, Bianca Chapman, was not at all surprised to learn about Dasher's impressive protective efforts. she told the local press that even though he was still a puppy, "he has always been the family's faithful defender." (See: Sassy The Chihuahua.)


Dasher, The Puppy Hero
Dasher The Hero Pup


Police Followed A Trail of Tiny Footsteps, Paw Prints and A Discarded  Diaper

The next morning, the police found a discarded diaper about a mile and a half from the child's home. They knew they were close, because Dante had a habit of pulling off his "nappies." They closely followed a circular pattern of tiny footsteps  accompanied by paw prints, and soon heard crying in a nearby bush. According to Will Hannah, a Department of Sustainability and Environment tracker, " You could just imagine what was going through his tiny mind–lost and in the dark. Luckily, he did have his dog to keep him warm overnight." (See : Homeless Russian Cat Saves Baby.)


Dante reunited With Mama
Dante and Mama Reunited

Dante Was Found Shaken But Unharmed

The toddler was found without a diaper and clad only in a long-sleeved shirt.  He was slightly dehydrated and had prickles embedded in his bare feet. Other than that, he was okay. albeit very shaken. After his mother took him home and comforted him for a little while, he was taken to the hospital where doctors deemed him none the worse for wear.

In the words of Dante's caring parents: "We are happy, but not surprised to learn  that his faithful dog, Dasher, stayed by his side and was also found safe and well."

Way to go, Dasher! Who needs a sleigh and a rotund,bearded man in a red suit to become famous?

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Source: Life With Dogs