A Scottish driving instructor and his student managed to keep their collective cool when they passed a man walking along the sidewalk with a flapping sea gull perched on top of his head.  

Dashcam Captures Guy Walking With A Seagull On His Head

The video posted to YouTube on July 30th, 2017 by James Werra is just over a minute long, including multiple slow motion repeats. In real life the event occurs so quickly you'll miss it if you blink. Good thing Werra had his dashcam on, ostensibly to record his students navigating Scotland's highways and byways in the course of their lessons.

Dashcam Captures Guy Walking With A Seagull On His Head

Explains Werra, “While teaching an early morning driving lesson in Musselburgh we noticed a man walking with a sea gull on his head! The car dashcam caught him as we passed.” The man seemed oblivious to the presence of the bird, which flapped its wings to steady itself but remained upon his moving human perch. The nonplussed driving instructor wasn't done yet, however, as he couldn't resist commenting on the inherent humor of the situation. “What do you call a man with a sea gull on his head?” asked Werra rhetorically. “Cliff! Would be funny if that was his name?” Aye lad, t'would indeed. (via UPI)


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