These sticky little animals by Siconi are the perfect alternative to
stabbing your walls with thumbtacks and pushpins to hold reminders,
photos, and important papers -- and they do it adorably!

Siconi Sticky AnimalsSiconi Sticky Animals

These diminutive critters are sticky on both sides so that they can stick to a vertical surface on one side and to whatever you want to have close at hand on the other.

You can select from a number of animals -- pigs, cats, birds, turtles, or elephants. They will brighten up any dull work space with color and whimsy. Great for leaving notes for the kids or a "honey-do" list for your spouse.

Siconi Sticky Animals -- PigsSiconi Sticky Animals -- Pigs

Each piece is made of eco-ffirendly silicone. The glue is non-toxic and can be removed easily so that you won't mar your walls.

Siconi Sticky Animals -- ElephantSiconi Sticky Animals -- Elephant

Click on the animal name you are interesting in to order: pigs, cats, turtes, elephants, or birds. The you can start sticking it to the world!

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