This cute kitty lint roller grabs shed cat-hair off your clothing almost as fast as your furry purring pal can lay it down.

Cute Kitty Lint Roller Grabs Shed Pussycat Fur

We all love our cats and they love us right back but boy oh boy, do they love to show it... every time they rub against our legs, hop up onto the bed or decide we can share their space on the sofa. The proof isn't only in the pudding er, purring, but in the copious clots of cat hair that seem to get onto (and into) just about everything! What to do?

Roll right into action, that's what! Lint rollers are about the most efficient way to mop up shed pet hair, and they've been around long enough that the technology – such as it is – has been time-tested and proven effective. Only problem is, lint rollers are just so generic, boring, and all-around blah-say. The cute kitty lint roller addresses that caveat without sacrificing any functionality.    

Cute Kitty Lint Roller Grabs Shed Pussycat Fur

Lint rollers are about as simple as it gets so there's not much a designer can do to jazz it up. Kudos to THESE designers, tho'... this is one cute device! Start with the cat's paw handle, conveniently pierced for easy hanging on a hook. Move on to the cats-paw-printed sticky paper (refills are available), and top things off with a clear plastic protective holder imprinted with the images of two playful black cats.

The cute kitty lint roller comes in your choice of pink, blue, black or white handles made from durable, non-toxic ABS plastic resin. They're 230mm (just over 9 inches) long and weigh 110 grams (almost 4 ounces). For more information and ordering instructions, please visit the Japanese-language product page at Village Vanguard.