These cute elephant tape dispensers from Nichiban come in your choice of soft sky blue or Sakura (cherry blossom) pink. The company, whose main product is different types of adhesive tape, is branching out to cover a number of tape-related niches including tape dispensers and even Band-Aid style bandages.


Cute elephant tape dispensers from Nichiban


Selling for under 300 yen (about $3.50) each, the elephant tape dispensers look equally cool & cute on a student's school desk or an office worker's desktop. Like most creative Japanese designs, they manage to preserve intact their primary function while expressing a uniquely appealing form.


Nichiban's "Zou-san Cutter" (Zou meaning Elephant in Japanese) was featured at the 2010 Good Design Expo held at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition venue from August 27th through 29th. The Nichiban display featured several appealing colors not (yet) offered at the Nichiban website. (via Nichiban and Pink Tentacle)


*** UPDATED on December 25th, 2018 ***