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The wacky "Oshaburi Toy" from Japan gives Great Danes (and other dog breeds) goofy grins even Disney's dogs can't beat. Oshaburi means "pacifier" in Japanese, and though it works much like a baby pacifier your pooch will remain his or her frisky self - owners, on the other hand, can expect a mood boost just by watching!

Bite it... you know you want to

Oshaburi chew toys provide cheap entertainment for both you and your pet. Four different grin styles all feature a rounded projection on the inside specially designed for dogs who love to chomp & go. Of course, they can run but they can't hide... from the startled gaze on onlookers who must think they've walked into an episode of Looney Toons!

A mouthful of, er, mouth...

Oshaburi chew toys come in four different varieties, each one goofier than the next. Clockwise from above left we have Lip, Tongue, and... Chicken? Huh, and all this time I thought your dog wanted steak! (via Seesaa)

*** UPDATED on December 25th, 2018 ***