This deliciously luxurious cat bed features crepe-like baked colors and juicy-looking stuffed fruits that look so inviting, you'll wish they made one for cat owners as well.      

Cute Crepe Cat Bed Is Anything BUT Creepy

Cats are picky about their beds like some people are about their food... in fact, some cats are finicky foodies too! That's why the Nyanko Crepe Omelet Bed is a must-have: it covers both vases while delighting any and every human who happens to see it in use.

Cute Crepe Cat Bed Is Anything BUT Creepy

If this bed looks a little familiar, you may have previously seen the Fruit Tart Cat Bed – both are part of the Felissimo Neko-bu Lovely Kitten Sundries collection, and the Nyanko Crepe Omelet Bed is the latest addition to the line.

If you've already got a Fruit Tart Cat Bed and/or have more than one cat, this not-at-all-creepy crepe bed is the perfect complement! Of course, if you've only got one very particular, picky and finicky cat then they'll now have three sleeping location options, including the box it comes in.

Cute Crepe Cat Bed Is Anything BUT Creepy

According to the Felissimo product page, the cat shown modeling the crepe bed (great work if you can get it!) is a male weighing 6kg or just over 13 pounds. The bed only comes in one size so compare your cat accordingly.

The  Nyanko Crepe Omelet Bed measures 47cm (18.5”) long by 22cm (8.5”) wide by 26cm (10.25”) tall. It 's made from 100% polyester material and is non-washable, though the durable material is stain-resistant and can be vacuumed. Check out the product page for more info and ordering instructions.