Man's Best Friend of Steel? This cute two-piece Superman suit for dogs includes accessory arms and a cape so your canine Clark Kent can terrier-ize those criminal kitties like never before!    

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... Super Miniature Schnauzer! You may have seen these Superman suits for dogs before – it's a sight that's memorable to say the least. Now you can order a canine costume of your very own, for your very own pet and they're surprisingly cheap.

Southern Dog Daddy, a seller on the Chinese online mega-mall website Taobao, is featuring a two-piece (suit + cape) costume in five graduated sizes ranging from XS (shoulder height 18cm or 7.2 inches) through XL (shoulder height 45cm or 18 inches).

The main portion of the outfit features a pair of accessory "arms" that hang from your pet's shoulder area, the finishing touch on this amusing bipedal illusion.

Fancy having your dog look like Superman or a low (er, lower) budget version of Hosehead, the McKenzie Brothers' flying dog from Strange Brew? Pricing starts at just 8 yuan ($1.27) and topping out at 21 yuan ($3.34) for the largest size. Practically a steal... uh-oh, now why did he just make a beeline for the nearest phone booth?

Update: For folks in the U.S., Amazon also has these costumes in all sizes.

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