This cat-shaped door handle opener's handy hooked tail hooks onto all those grotty door handles you'd rather not handle.    

Logoryl DOOR cute cat acrylic door opener

Social distancing is proving to be an effective way to flatten the curve but you don't have to be near another person to catch whatever infectious virus they may be infected with. You just have to be near where they've been and, especially, touch what they've touched.  

Take that door handle you're about to grab with your presumably pristine palm... or conversely, what happens to that previously pathogen-free door handle (or elevator button, or light switch, etc) when your feverish fingers reach out to clutch it? Bad things, that's what! What to do?

Logoryl DOOR cute cat acrylic door opener

Whip out the Logoryl DOOR cat keychain accessory and save the world, one touch at a time. This 2D tool is die-cut from 8mm (1/3”) thick clear acrylic plastic, and is roughly 8cm (3.15”) in length. It has a roughly circular cut-out in the center of the body and a hook-like “tail” - the business end of the device.

Simply grip the Logoryl DOOR in your hand while using the tail to hook onto, twist, and pull open the door. Or vice-versa: grip the tail and lasso the handle with the ring-like body... whatever works for ya! Employ the Logoryl DOOR for other, non-door situations in which contact with public surfaces is to be avoided: use one of the cat's ears to push elevator buttons, ring doorbells and so on.

Logoryl DOOR cute cat acrylic door opener

To be honest, the Logoryl DOOR isn't always practical for every situation – or every door – one comes up against in the real world. Mainly, it's designed to “handle” lever-type door knobs, not the quite common round ones. In addition, heavy doors may overly stress this acrylic plastic gadget. YMMV, of course.

We don't really want to “knock” this device, just stating the obvious. At the bare minimum, using (or attempting to use) the Logoryl DOOR will help raise awareness of the unseen enemy lurking in our midst.

Logoryl DOOR cute cat acrylic door opener

The Logoryl DOOR cute cat acrylic door opener is manufactured by K-Print Co Ltd, and includes a nickel-plated chain that holds keys or attaches to zipper pulls. The product itself does not have inherent anti-virus and/or anti-bacterial properties so it's recommended owners keep it clean by washing it regularly with soap and water after use. Don't use alcohol, though, as it may cause damage and/or discoloration.

The Logoryl DOOR cute cat acrylic door opener comes in two versions, the main (and apparently, only) differences between them being one features a smiling cat and the other is non-smiling. For more information, please visit the (Japanese language) product page at Logoryl online.