When you are in the bathroom you don't exactly want to have your dog
fetching the paper. The slobber alone would make cleaning up somewhat
unpleasant. However, you can have this cute Black Lab Toilet Paper
Holder take care of the job for you -- without the teeth marks

 Freestanding Black Lab Toilet Paper HolderFreestanding Black Lab Toilet Paper Holder

This whimsical item can add a touch of fun to your bathroom decor. Guests to your home will be surprised by finding canine company when they make use of the facilities. This black lab is one dog that isn't going to drink out of the toilet.

Wall-Mounted Black Lab Toilet Paper HolderWall-Mounted Black Lab Toilet Paper Holder

You can order this fetching toilet paper holder as a freestanding piece or a wall-mounted one. Both are made of sturdy painted poly-resin. The wall-mounted version comes with mounting hardware. 

To order the freestanding Black Lab Toilet Paper Holder, click here. For the wall-mounted version, click here.

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