Every once in a while the worlds of people and animals meet in a weird, wild and wonderful way. Such a scene recently occurred on a sunny street in Shanghai, China as a hard-working street food seller diligently prepared dough for her delicious mochi rice cakes, blissfully oblivious to the ominous buzzing of hundreds of swarming bees.

“I bring you some dear sweet rice cakes... covered in bees!,” the baker was heard to shout out to the passing crowds. OK, not really, but any chance to apply that particular Little Nicky/Eddie Izzard quote is a chance that must be taken.

Known as “ci fan gao”, these deep-fried cakes of glutinous rice are a tasty traditional treat whether served stuffed or plain. The ones prepared by the bee-swarmed street seller appear to be stuffed with an undetermined filling that may or may not contain wayward bees. Obviously whomever snapped the photo above had no inclination to hang around asking questions. (via Shanghaiist)