Custom logo LED pet collars from New York-based Compact Impact allow businesses to promote their wares and services via naturally roaming cats and dogs. Most pet owners meet people during their once, twice or even thrice-daily “walkies” and any pet wearing a glowing collar – even in the daytime – is going to attract extra notice.

The collars glow in any of 8 colors (blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, red, white and rainbow), and because they employ LEDs they don't get hot. This allows the collars to be made from soft yet strong, easily washable plastic.

The lightweight collars measure 1.1cm (0.44”) wide by 20 to 50cm (8 to 20”) in length depending on how you adjust them to fit your pet's neck. They're laser embossed so your business's message is highlighted for ease of viewing, especially when the collar's LED is on. These LED Collars are designed for businesses such as pet shops and a minimum of 50 collars for $645 is required to place an order. Mixing and matching of colors is allowed, however.

For those looking for a simple LED collar without a message, Nite Ize makes a great pet LED Collar available from Amazon.

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