PupSaver Safety Seat for Small Dogs

PupSaver Safety Seat for Small Dogs


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends rear-facing car seats for infants. Rear-facing seats offer more protection for your child because in a crash, he would be thrown into a relatively soft surface, the cushioned side of the back seat. Ray Bennett, who nearly lost his own dog, Webber, in a crash, learned that the same phenomenon is true for dogs, at least dogs up to 25 pounds.

It took Bennett a few years of trial and error, like most inventors, but he made good (actually great!) on his promise to Webber. He created a rear-facing car seat for a 30 pound test dog that was successfully tested at a 35 mph crash speed in the original PupSaver, and then for a 45 pound test dog in the PupSaver 45. PupSaver is the only dog car seat that has passed these crash tests performed by a certified National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tester.



The cushy poly-fill car seat provided comfortable support to your dog from behind and the cushioning in the car seat provides it from the front in case of a crash. The cushion holds one simple hook to attach your dog's harness. The back of the PupSaver has all the attachments you need to hook up the dog seat to the car's seat belt.


PupSaver dog car seat


Though you can use the PupSaver on the passenger seat, it's safer to place your dog in the back.  Here is how the PupSaver looks when attached to the rear seat.


PupSaver Safety Seat for Small Dogs


This video demonstrates how it's done!



This PupSaver is for small dogs; its size is 20 x 25 x 19.5 inches.  Measure your dog before purchasing, but it holds approximately 25 pounds. There is another model in this size called the AirPupSaver that has an integrated airbag in the seat to provide even more cushioning for your dog on impact. Although, a matching harness is not necessary to fit the PupSavers, the company does make them and they are available here.

The PupSaver is a highly recommended dog seat by pet owners. A very popular phrase in their reviews is "I feel relieved" knowing my dog is finally safe.


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