Pets stay with you through thick or thin, no matter what you do or how much money you have. They will love regardless of your race or status, regardless of your educational background or your reputation. Your pet will love you for you.

But in the occasion that you're separated from your beloved pet, here's something to cuddle with temporarily: these Fox Terrier Hot Dog Pillows.


How cool would it be if you really had a fox terrier in real life? Even if you didn't have one, I'm sure you'll love this pillow. I mean, I have a Shih Tzu and I'm pining away for one of these.

They're literally "hot" hot dogs because it comes with a microwaveable insert that you're supposed to heat up for a few seconds in your oven. Then when it's all warmed up, just insert it into the plush pillow and hug away to keep warm.


You can get your very own Hot Dog Pillow from Neatoshop for $23.95. Would you want to snuggle up with this?

Update: I just found a similar microwaveable lavendar scented dog pillow here that looks appealing.

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