Tear-stained Maltese: image via squidoo.comTear-stained Maltese: image via squidoo.comWhen dogs and cats feel sad or hurt, they may whimper or moan or hide somewhere they won't be bothered; they don't cry. But when they get teary, there is a reason for the tears and the yucky tear-stains under their eyes and around their noses.

When dogs and cats get teary, it's because of allergies, yeast infections, ear infections, blocked tear ducts, or a high mineral contents in their drinking water.  While it's true that some breeds tear more than others, in epiphora, the medical terms for excessive tear production, there is probably more than genetics at work, so it pays to treat the symptoms with a product most likely to reduce them.

I've used Angels' Eyes Tear Stain Eliminator for several months for my dog and cat.  Unfortunately, the name emphasizes the stains, which makes you think the product is a wiping pad or swab.  It's not, nor are Angel Eyes drops that you put in your dogs eyes. Hallelujah!

But they are drops.... You sprinkle them on your pet's food and once digested, they go to work to reduce tears from the inside, where the problem is.  The drops are 100 percent beef liver with tylosin, a broad spectrum antibiotic used in veterinary medicine to treat bacterial infections.  The dose of tylosin in Angels' Eyes is very small, and the package contains recommended amounts of drops required for your dog or cat depending on their weight.  But Angels Eyes are intended to be used for several months.


Angel Eyes treatment for teary eyes in dogs and catsAngel Eyes treatment for teary eyes in dogs and cats


Watch your pet during the first few weeks of giving her Angels' Eyes. You should start seeing results in the form of fewer tear stains on your pet's adorable face within a few weeks - the makers of Angels' Eyes claim 3 to 5 weeks after initiating use.  But, as always when trying a new supplement, watch for any unusual changes in behavior as well as urinary and fecal output.

Angels' Eyes are available in various sizes, but the 120 gram bottle is the best size for the best price.  It will last a long time!

While we're on the subject of clear, beautiful eyes, Jill Harness has written a great blog today: 10 Most Incredible Eyes in the Animal Kingdom.   The photos are National Geographic quality and the information is fascinating!


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