“Oh my goodness please turn on sound,” reads the caption to this short 15-second video. Imgur member Gurlyouthickerthanabowlofoatmeal posted the clip shot in extreme close-up – thanks so much for that, by the way – at the online image sharing and hosting website on October 23rd and it's already racked up well over 125,000 views.

Creepy Sleepy Snoring Cat

The gray-over-white short-haired kitty twitches like no feline has twitched before... and who can say what the rest of its body's doing? That must be some intense dream it's having, which makes one wonder just what cats dream about, anyway? Chasing mice? Being chased by dogs, or really BIG mice? It's one of life's Big Unanswered Questions so we'll just leave it at that.


Cats DO snore, as most any cat-owner can tell you, though not usually loud enough to exercise a decibel-counter like this furry feller. Yours truly has only known one snoring cat: Maxi, shown above sleeping on our sofa and gently snoring up a storm. He didn't twitch, either – our loss, obviously.