A mysterious canine creature seen trotting through the graveyard of a small New Hampshire town has left police scratching their heads... and nervous residents scrambling for answers.

Creepy Creature Caught Cantering 'Cross Cemetery

When reports came in to the Merrimack Police Department of a “strange, ghastly-looking animal” roaming the historic Last Rest Cemetery (below), Police Chief Mark Doyle just happened to be in the area – and he had his camera with him.

Doyle was only able to snap one shot of the almost skeletally-thin, long-tailed creature while Lt. Matthew Tarleton witnessed the animal loping off into the thick woods adjoining the graveyard.

Last Rest Cemetery, Merrimack, New Hampshire

Doyle posted his photo at the PD's Facebook page and at press time it's garnered over a hundred shares and nearly 200 comments, most of the latter postulating what the four-legged phantom might be. Guesses range from chupacabra to zombie wolf to rabid coyote but Tarleton laid most of those conjectures to rest.

"It's no mythical beast,” stated Tarleton. “It's no exotic pet that escaped from someone's condo and is now terrorizing the neighborhood. It's nothing like that at all. It's most likely a sick fox.” Well, that's a relief, though Tarleton then acknowledged the animal looks “like something out of a horror movie.” Dude, you should've quit while you were ahead. (via Nature World News)