An anatomically correct cat lamp called 'Felix' turns on (and off) with a gentle flick of its golden bollocks.  

Creepy Cat Lamp Gets Turned On When You Press Its Testes

Felix the cat lamp, the wonderfully bizarre cat lamp! In fact, the name is about all this weird feline artwork has in common with the cute animated cartoon kitty. Credit (and/or blame) Belgian design collective Studio Job for foisting Felix upon a jaded world, and don't even try to guess the designers' motivation for this loony lamp's er... ballsy workings.

Regarding that: it's not so much “who let the cat out of the bag” but “who LIT the bag out of the cat.” And gold-plated it. And wired it to act as an on/off switch. And, because things can only get worse, installed a Euro-style low voltage power outlet just above the 24-karat cojones. One might go so far as to call it a “butt plug” but we're not going there. What, we just did? DOH!

Creepy Cat Lamp Gets Turned On When You Press Its Testes

Practically speaking, Felix is more art exhibit than electrical illuminator. The “lamp” parts are his glowing eyes – quite cat-like but not ideal when curling up with a good book. Felix's anatomical correctness extends to the rest of his body as well, with accurate proportions including a raised tail indicative of a friendly, happy cat. Hey, you'd be friendly to if... well, you know.

In any case, Felix is available for purchase at the gasp-inducing price of £205.00 or roughly $285. Buyers can choose from all-black, all-white, or black & white “cow cat” finishes though whichever color you choose, those golden bollocks come standard.


I bought one that didn't have testes. Guess that's why it didn't work!