The Old West still lives in western Tennessee as a local man perched on the hood of a moving police car successfully lassoed a runaway calf with a single fling of his rope.

Cowboy Riding On Patrol Car's Hood Lassos Runaway Calf

Paris, Tennessee, located in Henry County about 85 miles northwest of Nashville, is mainly known for hosting the “World's Biggest Fish Fry”. Now the western Tennessee town of 10,000 has a new claim to fame courtesy of Henry County Sheriff Monte Belew and his lariat-loopin' buddy, David Bevill.

Cowboy Riding On Patrol Car's Hood Lassos Runaway Calf

It all began when Sheriff Belew got a report of a rogue calf snarling traffic on U.S. Route 79. As incidents of escaped cattle are not exactly common in the region, Belew was forced to formulate an innovative plan to get the calf off the road quickly and safely.

Cowboy Riding On Patrol Car's Hood Lassos Runaway Calf

Belew called his buddy David Bevill, who we assume has a reputation for lassoing rogue calves, wandering toddlers and unattended beers. With Bevill rifing shotgun, Belew drove along the highway until the calf was spotted. What happened next won't be found in your local law enforcement handbook but it IS saved for posterity at Belew's Facebook page.


“Alright folks I've got David Bevill on the front of my patrol car,” stated Belew as Bevill climbed onto the patrol car's hood, lariat in hand. “We got a calf out in the middle of the highway, we're fixing to rope him right here,” added Belew... and so Bevill did, on his very first toss!

No telling if he told the Sheriff to hold his beer first – at least, it's not caught on the video above. Having roped the runaway calf, Bevill tied the other end of the rope to Sheriff Belew's now-stopped patrol car. Mission accomplished! (via UPI)