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If you are thinking of taking a restful, mindful, vacation with your family, consider Mountain Horse Farm in beautiful upstate New York, where cuddling a horse or cow can help free you from your worldly woes.

Whether it's in response a rising need for inner calm, a consoling, non-judgmental connection, or a farmer's need to makes ends meet, cow cuddling is on the rise. And cow cuddle recipients report it's very therapeutic.


Mountain Horse Farm cow cuddling

Mountain Horse Farm Cow Cuddling


You can stay at the Mountain Horse Farm with or without a cow or horse cuddling experience; just the environment will bring you peace. Located near the Finger Lakes in Naples, NY, a town of about 1,000 residents, Mountain Horse Farm is both dream and reality for Suzanne and Rudy Vullers, who moved from The Netherlands to buy a farm in upstate New York. They had left a country where people are very close to the land, but when they visited their home country last, they found that cow cuddling was a growing phenomenon. When they returned to Naples, NY, they opened the gates of their Horse Farm and Sanctuary to those who needed not just a respite, but a big hug from a gentle horse or cow. They can even meet with an equine therapist with special training in large animal therapy for humans.



While horses and cows are a bit large to be constant companions like dogs, for example, who can accompany you anywhere with the right training and documentation, but they are very helpful in a therapy setting, and equine therapy has been a recognized field for several years. Equine therapy is not about horseback riding, it's about caring for a horse - brushing, feeding, walking, and receiving and interpreting equine messages. It is a therapy often used for those who have not been helped by traditional therapies.


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With or without a therapist though, one can learn a lot by communing with a gentle horse or cow. Physical contact with a large animal can be a spiritual experience. It can give you courage and self-confidence, greater flexibility, and it can even improve your ability to get along with other people. Plus, according to those with experience, cow cuddling just feels good!

Cow cuddling is now a thing. Look for a farm near where you live. Many farms that offer sanctuary to homeless large animals offer the cuddling experience to visitors. When you've tried it, check in with us and tell us about your experience in the comment section below.


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