The automatic HappyCow cattle cleaner & massager will have your bovines beaming beatifically a half-dozen times a day.  

Cow Cleaning Machine Makes Every Cow A HappyCow

Albert Kerbl GmbH of Buchbach, Germany manufactures and markets the so-called “Cow Cleaning Machine HappyCow”. While the machine's rotating brush will certainly clean a cow – at least it's upper portions – this ingenious device has a more esoteric and indeed, unlikely function: keeping cows relaxed and rejuvenated through the power of massage therapy.

Bovines love to rub against things like trees, fences and whatnot – just ask any rancher or dairy farmer. It's an evolved behavior that relieves itching due to skin parasites, promotes blood circulation, and increases milk production. The electrically-powered HappyCow both facilitates and automates the process. Cows with access to a HappyCow have been observed using it 6 times per day on average.

Cow Cleaning Machine Makes Every Cow A HappyCow

The HappyCow was designed to be labor-free as the sensor-equipped brush begins spinning as soon as its nudged by a cow; cattle quickly learn this simple cause & effect. Once activated, a sturdy drum sheathed in either polypropylene (PP) or polyamide (PA) bristles spins for about a minute.

This short video, from which our lead image was taken, features a bull named “Paul” enjoying the HappyCow installed at the Hof Butenland retirement home in northern Germany. By the looks of it, Paul is one very happy cow... and that's no bull.