Sometimes Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas seem to go by so quickly that they should all be rolled into one giant holiday. With this funny Corgi Hallowthanksmas T-Shirt you can have just one shirt to celebrate everything.

Corgi Hallowthanksmas T-Shirt
Corgi Hallowthanksmas T-Shirt

Naturally this shirt comes with more than one kind of dog. It can also come with a sweet little cat. Each shirt comes in your choice of 9-10 colors. Each design is just a bit different beyond the dog breed (or cat).

To order a Hallowthanksmas Shirt click on the dog breed (or cat) below:

Corgi, pug, dachshund, poodle, beagle, French bulldog, husky, golden retriever, shih tzu, bull terrier, chow, Boston terrier, and (of course) cat.

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