Here’s a handy gift for the little zookeepers in your life: Natural Products and Worldwide co. has developed a line of temporary tattoos that instantly transform any child’s mitts into giraffes, sheep, dinosaurs, dragons and other incredible animal hand puppets.


Each pack of eight themed tattoos are vibrantly colorful, are easy to apply (Line it up on the kid’s hand and apply water- How easy is that?!), and they stick around for days after bonding to small hands. I keep placing an emphasis on tinier graspers, as these designer temporary tattoos are designed for child-sized hands, even if parents and older siblings will want their own built-in cartoon shark or tiger hand puppets. 



With 8 lively designs per box, many creature-filled themes to choose, and a small price tag of just under $8 each the toughest part about enjoying NPW’s trendy body art is choosing which set to get! Naturally, we’re excited about the Animal Hands and Farm Hands collection of chickens, zebras, crocodiles and billy goats, but who can resist the imaginative and colorful styles from the Dragon Hands and Dino Hands sets? Whether your new Horsey Hand sings “Old McDonald Had a Farm” or “Gangnam Style” is up to you, but just remember to cater to your audience!



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