If your cat treats the curtains like their own personal circus, this great-looking, designed-for-cats hanging trapeze swing should be at the Big Top of your shopping list.

Pendolo Trapeze Swing for cats at Tuft + Paw

Like many of you, I first noticed the Trapeze Swing at fellow PetsLady writer Lady Bee's article, Even Pets Dream About Living The Life Of Luxury: Part 2, Toys & Accessories.” I saw it again just a few days ago while visiting a cat-owning neighbour – her cat was using the trapeze at the time, even if “use” is defined as “asleep”.

When I mentioned how comfortable her cat looked on the swing, she positively raved about how great the device is! Not only does her cat love it – more than the box it came in, by the way – but the frisky (at times) feline no longer climbs her curtains or shreds her other soft furnishings.

Pendolo Trapeze Swing for cats at Tuft + Paw

My neighbour told me she ordered her Trapeze Swing online at Tuft + Paw. We've featured items from Tuft + Paw here before and although some of their products might give buyers a serious case of sticker shock, the company always strives to provide the highest quality, most durable, and above all safest cat and kitten furniture, toys and accessories around.

The Trapeze Swing meets all of those qualifications and more: it looks great in either Sea Salt Gray or Volcanic Gray. The swing mounts to a standard ceiling anchor and hangs by a short sisal rope. The “business” part of the swing is made of jute fabric that won't snag cats' claws while at the same time, offers outstanding durability. Cleaning is a breeze: simply machine wash on “delicate” and hang to dry.

Pendolo Trapeze Swing for cats at Tuft + Paw

The Trapeze Swing measures 24" by 24" by 49" and features (from the top down) a small pillow, a larger pillow, and a hanging fabric hammock. Stuff the pillow compartments using your own pillows (or towels or small blankets) and add your own cat to the mix – the swing is designed for cats of all shapes, sizes and temperaments, and the multi-level format allows more than one cat to share in the fun!

All instructions and mounting materials are included, and Tuft + Paw states it shouldn't take more than 15 minutes to set up the Trapeze Swing. Playing circus music in the background while serving shelled peanuts to visitors is optional. For more information and ordering instructions, please visit the product page at Tuft + Paw : Modern Furniture for Cats.