Nextdoor app used to find Julia Roberts' dog
Major's almost got that "busted!" look on his face


It can really put you through the wringer when a pet goes missing. First there’s the foot search, then the car, then regrouping for your coordinated assault with fliers, door-to-door canvassing, social media, community sites and a variety of apps, all the while your anxiety levels are rising. But take heart. The constant-communication age we live in has made pet alerts and other notifications via the Web one of the quickest ways to find a lost animal. Just ask Julia Roberts.

Nextdoor App

Even if you have an animal chipped, there’s a good chance you can now find him or her before they ever end up at the pound or in a shelter. That’s because of apps and devices like pet trackers and My Lost Pet Alert or Craigslist and Nextdoor, where you can post in their lost and found sections. According to TMZ, that’s exactly how actress Julia Roberts found her missing dog recently, through the quick actions of a conscientious animal lover who found her pooch, took charge of it and then posted about it on Nextdoor.

Good Samaritan

A local resident of sunny Malibu, the man found Roberts’ missing dog, a chocolate Lab by the name of Major, and alerted the community around Point Dume as to his unexpected find. It was a simple message, but the picture he included of Major was just too cute. It wasn’t long before Roberts’ husband, cinematographer Danny Moder, responded to the post and Major was reportedly returned home safe and sound.

Pet Tracking Apps

It really is a good idea to consider attaching a pet tracker of some kind to your pets. They come in so many sizes and styles now with accompanying apps that show you exactly where they’re at that there’s no reason not to get one. The tiny Poof pet trackers that employ community alerts are the perfect size for small breeds and cats. You can have your pet’s name added to them and they even double as a fitness tracker. Some of the larger collar attachments allow you to pinpoint their whereabouts.

Technology, ain’t it grand?