The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards For 2017

For those who’ve been following the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, now into its third year, 2017's winners will not disappoint. Out of 3,500 entries from 86 countries, awards were given to the funniest captures of animal doing . . . well, funny things.

Entries for 2017 caught animals laughing, penguins going to church, some cheeky monkeys commandeering a motorcycle and many, many others guaranteed to delight.

Predicated on conservation . . .

Contest co-founder Tom Sullam asserts, "Conservation was always at the heart of the competition, along with the fact that people seemed to enjoy images of animals doing entertaining things!"

The award program supports the Born Free Foundation, an animal welfare and conservation organization that aims to "save lives, stop suffering and protect species in the wild." The contest founders also created a book titled "Wild and Crazy" featuring images from previous Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

2017 Winner

Tibor Kercz won the top prize this year. His winning submission was a series of photos that depicted an owl struggling to keep its footing on a tree branch. Kercz won a safari holiday in Kenya, courtesy of Alex Walker’s Serian and Kenya Airways and a trophy made by disabled artists from the Tanzania’s Wonder Wonder Workshop.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards For 2017

Other Finalists

A hilarious photograph of an apparently delighted dormouse perched atop a flower could bring a smile to anyone’s face. The adorable snap, which shows the cute rodent climbing up a yarrow flower in the Italian mountains, won the 'Creatures of the Land' category.

The photographer, Andrea Zampatti, 32, from Monticelli in Italy, took the photo while hiking on Mount Guglielmo. He said: 'I was walking along the track and I began to hear a sharp and strange "call" coming from the edge of the forest. After a few minutes of searching, with amazement and happiness, I found this tiny dormouse.'

Waddling up the aisle: Carl Henry was highly commended for his snapshot of a trio of penguins getting ready to head to church in the British territory of South Georgia.

penguins at church

2018 Entries

In consideration for submitting to next year’s competition, join the The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards mailing list here, or email them at

And according to the founders who definitely sport a unique sense of humor, "If you have any really tricky and complicated questions about the rules, terms and/or conditions, the judging process or exhibiting our amazing images or anything else remotely grown up, then please email Tom. He is the Competition Director and Chair of the Judging Panel at"

And . . . if you just can't get enough of funny animal picks, you can check out last year's winners here.



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