The hysterics: photograph by Manoj-Shah

The hysterics by Manoj-Shah, photographer (past entry, Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards)


Who wouldn't love to capture the brilliance of wildlife on camera? Especially when your subjects are being wildly funny. Well, you are all invited - everyone! - to enter the 2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. Submit your funniest wildlife images. 

Every year, the need for conservation becomes more and more relevant and necessary. In a year when scientists learned that 3 billion birds on this planet have perished in the last 50 years, that 500 million animals have lost their lives (so far) in Austrailian wildfireshoney bees are in decline, now by 50 percent in North America and Europe....

None of this is funny. But the wildlife photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE (Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) and Tom Sullam were determined six years ago to meaningfully connect humans with endangered wildlife through humor. Their efforts to raise awareness and activism are co-sponsored by the Born Free Foundation and several selfless photography-related businesses which furnish the competition's winners with neat awards. (See list below.)


More-bananas by Déa-Starlling, photographer

More bananas by Déa Starlling, photographer (past entry, Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards)


It's Not Just About Animal Welfare: It's About Conservation

Though the underlying focus of the awards has always been the welfare of wild animals, this year the awards are giving a special push to the message of conservation, asking everyone to get involved by encouraging five activities of their fans, family, and friends:

1. Shop Responsibly: For example, don't purchase products in packaging that is not recyclable and stay away from products which contain palm oil, because the palm oil plantations are destroying rainforests and thus affect the global weather.

2. Conserve Water: This one is easy, and you probably know the ways you can reduce your water use. But just in case, here are a few simple ideas:

  • Don't flush the toilet EVERY time you use it.
  • Turn your sink water off when you're brushing your teeth. You only need the water to rinse your toothbrush and your mouth.
  • Don't wash clothes until you have a full load.


Bears by Goran-Anastasovski, photographer

Bears by Goran-Anastasovski, photographer (past entry, Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards)


3. Save your plane trips for long hauls.  Airplanes cause more greenhouse gases and more secondary effects than any other means of transportation... by far. (Read this study reported by the BBC last year.)  Try to travel by train or car when it makes better CO2 sense.

4. Plant some flowers on your window sills and in your gardens so bees have somewhere to go. Let them eat pollen!


I Did Stop, DaveValvo, photographer

I Did Stop by Dave Valvo, photographer (past entry, Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards)


5. Become a "Wild Influencer": Encourage everyone you know and even those you don't to conserve, to appreciate nature, to value and support our precious resources. Be a leader; join a movement; start a movement! Use gatherings with friends and family, use social media, use your workplace to encourage others to contribute their support to conservation in whatever ways they can.

And you don't have to enter this contest to take part in spreading the conservation message!


Hide and seek, Minghui Yuan photographer

Hide and seek, Minghui Yuan photographer, (past entry, Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards)


Who else is sponsoring this competition?

Alex Walker’s Serian is sponsoring the On the Land category.
Spectrum Photo is sponsoring the In the Air category.
Amazing Internet is sponsoring the Portfolio category.
Think Tank is sponsoring the Under the Water category, and
Affinity Photo is sponsoring the People’s Choice Award.


Give You A Kiss, Yee Cheung Cody Yim photographer

Give You A Kiss, Cody Yim photographer (past entry, Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards)


Entering the photo contest

 It's easy; the hard part is finding the shots, right?

1. Start here, fill out the form, and Comedy Wildlife will send you your very own portfolio.

2. Visit the categories of photographs being awarded; go to this link.

3. Then arrange to find your old funny wildlife photos or take new comedy photos that fit into one or more of the categories. Read the rules carefully: "Wildlife must be photographed in the wild!"


Would you like to spend a week in Kenya on a Safari? That's first prize! See the other prizes here.

And good luck! You have until May 31, 2020 to submit your entries.


We've covered Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards in the past. You can see lots of past winning photos in the blogs posted here, and lots more past winners at the Comedy Wildlife website.



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