Unicorns have a dark side and this is explored in the ground-breaking
coloring book Unicorns are Jerks. It is just the right activity for
human jerks and cynics who like to keep in touch with their inner child
through the occasional use of crayons. The book depicts 18 different ways that unicorns are complete jerks, from stealing a kid's back pack to farting in the elevator.

Unicorns Are Jerks by Theo Nicole LorenzUnicorns Are Jerks by Theo Nicole Lorenz

Through the delightful pictures ready for coloring, Theo Nicole Lorenz tells "the cold, hard, sparkly truth" about the side of unicorns humans rarely get to see. No more blowing rainbows up your butt for these guys.

Unicorns are Jerks is the perfect gift for the fantasy cynic in your life. For more information or to order now, click here.

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