Summer is the season to get out & play, even though players are as likely to get sunburned as they are to get caught in a sudden thunderstorm. Carrying a light, folding umbrella might seem to solve either contingency but the truth is, most umbrellas are designed to provide protection from rain, not sun.

Not so the Cat Stroll UV Parasol from Japan's IZavell. Sure, it'll keep users dry in a pinch but its real value shines when the sun does. Did you know the fabric used in many brands of umbrellas isn't impervious to UV rays? Translucent fabric may be light and waterproof but the Cat Stroll UV Parasol goes further, blocking 100 percent of dangerous UV radiation.

At the other end of the spectrum, the Cat Stroll UV Parasol also blocks infrared radiation – also known as heat. IZavell's in-house testing indicated shade beneath a Cat Stroll UV Parasol was up to 13°C (23.4°F) cooler than the ambient air temperature on a sunny day. Sounds a bit far-fetched by IZavell features a bright, colorful graph (above) at their product page that looks all science-y and such. Seems legit!

So, you've got your rain-protection along with heat shielding but the Cat Stroll UV Parasol's not done yet... not by a long shot. See those cute cat silhouettes and paw prints decorating the upper surface of the umbrella? They're not just for show – they're there to show you when to apply sunscreen.

As the material absorbs UV rays across its 110cm (43 inches) breadth, the pale characters respond by turning pink. A little pink is fine, a LOT and it's recommended you start slathering on the Coppertone, stat!

Yes, we did say the Cat Stroll UV Parasol blocks 100% of dangerous UV radiation... FROM ABOVE. Just like visible light, UV rays are reflected from all types of surfaces and the stronger the radiation, the greater the reflection.

IZavell is offering the Cat Stroll UV Parasol for sale at the product page priced at 3,780 yen or around $35, tax included. Pricey, sure, but can one really put a price on potentially lifesaving protection? Besides, it comes in a cute black nylon bag marked “UV Checker Umbrella” in white along with a cat silhouette. You know you want it. (via @Press News and Rocketnews24)