Puller dog training tool

Puller Dog Taining Tools 
Winner of the 2019 Pet Independent Innovation Award for Best Fetch Product


The Puller was developed by a Ukrainian dog trainer, espressly for the purpose of dog training. And though your dog may think of the Puller as a toy (that's good!), you are advised not to use it as a toy. Why? Because:

  • If he has it around all the time, your pup will either destroy it, or
  • He will tire of it, and when that happens, you will not be able to train him with it, and
  • He will not be ready to compete in Dog Puller games. (We'll get to that later.)


Okay, let's take one step at a time. 


1. What Is A Puller?

Pullers are rings made by the COLLAR Company out of a proprietary material that's quite interesting. The Pullers are solid, but not hard, and they are lightweight. The material "gives" when bitten, but does not break unless it's chewed.


Puller training tool


The recommended way to train your dog is with two Pullers, and that's so that you can always have one ready to go, without having to interrupt your dog's activity by fetching or picking up the Puller while she waits. A second Puller also acts as a way to distract your dog from the first Puller if she seems to be fixated on something you don't want her to be doing to it - like chewing it, for example. 

The beauty of training with Pullers is that no matter whether you are training your dog to jog, jump, or pull, the moves are all instinctive to a dog.



Puller comes in 5 sizes: Micro for small dogs and puppies under 11 pounds, Mini for miniature and small-sized dogs, Midi for medium and large breeds, Standard for large dogs, and Maxi for large to very large dogs (think Pit Bull). (You can also look up your dog breed here, but if your dog is smaller than the standard breed, buy the next smallest size Puller.)

The Maxi is actually one very fat ring that is not used in training, necessarily, nor in competition. It is recommended that the Maxi be attached to a spring pole, so your pup can jump for it.


Standard Puller next to a Maxi Puller

Standard (left) vs Maxi (right)


2. What Does The Puller Do For My Dog?

You can certainly see from the above video that the Puller is an exercise tool, right?

So, for one thing, the Puller gives your dog incentive to exercise and that exercise keeps your dog healthy and fit; you will agree that's essential. The three workouts - jogging, jumping, and pulling - train every muscle in your dog's body, making her supremely fit.


Puller dog ring

Puller Dog Taining Tools


Twenty minutes four or five times a week of these exercises will, over time, mean fewer health problems as your dog matures.

And, as an added benefit, the Puller indirectly trains your pup not to eat the sofa, or chew the wood of your table legs, or even get into the garbage. She's too darn tired to do that. And she's not bored, because she's too tired to be bored!

And, of course, you can train your dog to compete in Dog Puller.


3. What Training Do I Need To Use The Puller?

Puller position for running

Correct grip for throwing Puller (via)


From a human perspective, the Puller is an ideal training tool. Almost anyone can use it. It acts as a buffer between you and your over-excited dog, so the dog catches the Puller in his mouth instead of your clothing... or worse, your whole arm or leg.

The Puller is lightweight and easy to throw. You don't need to be in great shape or athletic yourself, just a bit limber. You just need to be able to pick up the Puller and hold it up and throw it. You also don't need to engage in all of the Puller exercises if you can't physically do them; just doing what you can will be fun and a healthy treat for your dog.

There are proper ways to hold and throw the Puller, (see diagrams above and below) which you may want to learn, especially if you plan to participate in the Dog Puller sport. 


Proper way to hold the Puller for Jumping

Proper way to hold the Puller for Jumping (via)


For more information, see these videos for instruction.


3. What is "Dog Puller?"

Dog Puller began as a sport in about 2016. The games started in the Ukraine where the Puller was invented. By 2016, the Czech Republic started a competition as well, and soon the sport caught on in other Eastern European countries. In 2018, the Czech Republic held the first Dog Puller World Championship with participants from 11 countries - mostly eastern and western European countries; in 2019 the competition was held again, this time in Hungary. 



Czech Republic's Flag

Insignias for each competitor in the 2019 Dog Puller championships included this dog on each country's particular flag. This was the Czech insignia.


The newest Dog Puller country that competes appears to be Canada, but as far as I know, this sport is very new to the U.S. and I've not been able to find any clubs.

There are two events in Dog Puller athletics: Puller Jumping and Puller Running. In Puller Jumping, the dog has to catch the ring in the air, either by jumping up on his back legs with his two feet on the ground or jumping with all four feet in the air. In Puller Running, dogs have to catch the Puller while it is still in upright position on the ground.

These events take place on a course, almost the size of a soccer field. The human stands in the center and throws the Puller in one direction, the dog brings it back, and then it is thrown in the other direction; that constitutes one complete run and must take place within 90 seconds.


Dog Puller field

via Puller


To learn more about the intracacies of Dog Puller, you should visit DogPuller.com


In the meantime, I suggest you buy your dog a pair of Pullers just to get and keep her in shape.  It's never too later to start and you can adjust your activities to your dog's age, weight, and physical condition. If use of the Pullers is a concern to you, ask your veterinarian for advice on how to use them to keep your dog healthy and having fun!

The COLLAR Puller is the Winner of the 2019 Pet Independent Innovation Award for Best Fetch Product.


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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