Have you ever thought it might be nice to have an aquarium integrated
into your living room furniture? If you are space-conscious, an aquarium
coffee table could be a good idea. Here's where to buy one, and how to
make one.

If you have around $700 to spend, the Midwest Tropical 675 Square Aquarium Coffee Table could be a good investment.


Midwest Tropical 675 Square Aquarium Coffee TableMidwest Tropical 675 Square Aquarium Coffee Table


It available from Amazon and so pretty that if you had it in your living room, you'd never watch TV. And if you never watched TV, you could cancel your cable subscription. And if you canceled your cable subscription, this aquarium would pay for itself within a few months.

If the above plan seems impractical, here's a video showing you how to make an aquarium coffee table yourself. Just follow the simple instructions.



Either way you go, a coffee table aquarium will save you space, if not money, and will be a stunning addition to your living room decor.



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