The internet has a lot of videos of cockatiels rocking out to some really cool music and that is amazing and very entertaining. But what if the bird could actually make the music. Well, this one, named Mr. Inko, has some really hot licks to lay down in his set. He isn't much for melody, but, boy!, has he got rhythm. Check out his talent here.

Mr. Inko and his Drum
Mr. Inko and his Drum

Image via We Love Animals

Birds are known more for their singing than their drumming -- except for woodpeckers. Woodpeckers used to have the lock on this talent in the world of birds, or so we thought.

Mr. Inko lives in Japan and when his owner took out a toy drum and started hitting it the little bird came over to join him. Granted, Inko did not work with drumsticks. He does all of his drumming work with his beak. You could say that he is a real head-banger. That's just gotta hurt. Does birdseed come with ibuprofen in it?

Check out the video of Mr. Inko rocking out with his owner:

I told my brother, a professional drummer, about this and he thought I was kidding. I'm sending him this post to prove I wasn't making this up, or being internet gullible. If he was going to get a bird as a pet this would be the one for him. I'm thinking the fact that he already has a cat is likely to prevent this.

Rock on Mr. Inko! Does it look like he's blushing?

Source: We Love Animals